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Transformation with OMWO

At OMWO, we capture, monitor, and transform renewable energy. We develop software and systems so that more people can benefit from renewable energy resources, uniting the energy of the future with technology. We digitalize, analyze, and improve every phase of renewable energy from generation to consumption. In the current Industry 5.0 era, we are transferring the achievements of the digital world to the energy world, and making renewable energy accessible to all.


Our Activities

Energy Storage Management Project
OMWO continues its activities to develop infrastructures and technologies for energy storage, which plays a key role in helping the modern world meet its high energy demands.
Energy Exchange Integration and Energy Trading Project
The EPİAŞ (Energy Exchange Istanbul) integration project, necessary to ensure that energy is registered, tendered and sold in a way that brings higher added value to renewable energy producers, is in full swing at OMWO.
Integrating our Digital Twin Into the Metaverse
With a focus on decentralization, R&D studies are currently underway to reinterpret all our interactions experienced in the real world using digital twin technology, and to present them interactively in the OMWO metaverse.
Platform for the Management of Solar Power Plants
Thanks to this platform through which solar power plants, which produce one of the most important renewable energy resources, can be managed, all monitoring and management activities related to the production plant can be carried out remotely.
Management Platform for Charging Stations
This platform will allow users to easily use our charging network through remote management of the electric vehicle charging stations that will become widespread with the increased use of electric vehicles, playing a key role in reducing the use of fossil fuels for a greener world.
OMWO Data Center Project
Providing all infrastructure and information technology services through its own data center, OMWO continues to work on making its services in this area available to third parties.
Energy Forecasting Module
Thanks to this artificial intelligence-powered module, OMWO can predict a solar power plant’s expected energy production for the next day with high accuracy on both a daily and hourly basis. These predictions can be used to prevent potential production outages at the power plant in question and feed decision-support systems used in energy trading.
Work Order Management Platform
Proper coordination of field staff and their rapid dispatch to the scene in the event of a fault is crucial to reducing the elimination time of the fault in question. Thanks to this platform, these intervention times can be recorded and monitored as well as analyzed retrospectively.
Blockchain Management Platform
One of the most remarkable technologies around today, blockchain technology allows OMWO to record energy in all its phases, from production to consumption, in the form of verifiable crypto assets, and develops infrastructures and systems to mediate the exchange of these assets.
Managing Energy Supply and Demand
We serve smart city and grid infrastructures by continuing to develop assistive technologies and software that help to balance energy supply and demand within the framework of globally-accepted standard protocols and common practices in energy demand response.

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